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Army Strong - SGT. ECH Edition

Army Strong - SGT. ECH Edition

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The Army Strong - SGT ECH Edition: A tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of our heroes.

Inspired by my Angel Gregory. This collection is dedicated to SGT. Gregory Echevarria, a true hero who embodied the spirit of Army Strong. He was Encouraging, Courageous and Hardworking (ECH). I believe he still is, in the spiritual world and still guiding me. May his legacy live on through the strength and resilience of our military community, as well as through The Living Foundation Ext. 

The colors of the Army, in this collection features shades that symbolize courage, resilience, and the unwavering commitment to protect and serve. Each shade in this collection is a reminder of the values that define our military personnel: Strength, Honor, and Service. Wear these colors with pride, and remember the sacrifices made by those who have served. All proceeds go towards  The Living Ext Foundation ECH 

"Gel polishes in this set (4, 15ml) & Diamond Acrylic Powders (4,1.5oz) Plus surprise goodies & Army Wife Magnet.

  1. Black: "Tactical Ops" - Representing the soil and the armor of the tank, symbolizing strength and resilience.

  2. Gold/Yellow: "Sunset Salute" - Representing the sun shining down on our soldiers, signifying excellence and high achievement.

  3. Green: "Emerald Elite" - Representing the fields and forests, symbolizing our connection to the land and our role in defending it.

  4. Brown: "Desert Storm" - Representing the desert sands, symbolizing our ability to adapt and overcome in any environment.

Experience the essence of valor and honor with each stroke. Elevate your nails with colors that pay homage to our brave servicemen and women.

Shop now and wear your support proudly!

"Together, we can make a difference: Contribute to The Living Ext Foundation ECH, aiding widows of fallen heroes."

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